Hatha Yoga & Pilates is dedicated to help and improve the health and wellbeing of each individual, physically and mentally.

I teach with passion and I offer those seeking a healthier lifestyle, classic yoga and pilates techniques that increase energy, vitality and freedom.




‘Yoga is not about self-improvement, it’s about self-acceptance.’

We believe in yoga and pilates for every body, and the two together, compliment each other. Everyone is welcome and our dream is to provide a space for our community of "like minded" people to hang out, connect with each other and with themselves, through movement and breath.

Whether you come to yoga or pilates purely for its infinite physical benefits, or perhaps you are ready to dive deeper into self awareness, meditation and mindfulness, it doesn't matter; it's your journey and we are here to support you.

At Hatha Yoga & Pilates we'll encourage you to turn your focus inwards and explore what feels good for your body. We want you to be excited to get out of bed to come and practice, and want you to leave us with a huge smile on your face, feeling lighter, taller, more connected and calm. We'll help you to grow strong and healthy, inside and out, to challenge yourself, at your own pace.


Sønderlandsgade 38

7500 Holstebro



Email: hyp@trudymcintosh.dk


Phone: 23 96 93 11


CVR: DK36571624