Group Classes

Hatha Yoga

One hour session / From 75kr


A lifestyle change rather then a workout. A beautiful flowing class using powerful breathing techniques, energy creating sun salutations, inspiring yoga asanas to increase balance and strength, then finishing the class with long deep, detoxifying stretching that leaves your body feeling weightless, revitalised and completely and relaxed.

Gentle Yoga

One hour session / From 75kr


Listening is an act of generosity and a source of discovery. In this thought-out class we learn to listen to our bodies and be amazed in what we discover. This class is specifically designed for those of us who have tight shoulders, hips, necks and backs.

Flow through a gentle Asana practice stretching out your muscles before letting all the tension go and indulging in a calming restorative session towards the end, which allows your body and your mind to completely relax and recharge.

Note: Anyone from complete beginners to the more experienced will benefit from this rejuvenating practice. Allow yourself to unwind and refresh!




Mat Pilates

One hour session / From 75kr


Thought-out classes using simple and fluid exercises that can increase blood circulation, reduce back pain, energise the whole body, create long lean muscles rather then bulk. Pilates is based on working the deep core muscles which can help with quick weight loss results and better whole body co-ordination, plus with this inner muscle awareness and extra flexibility you may just enjoy the bedroom more. These classes use the Pilates mat as well as small apparatus such as balls, bands, and weights to support and challenge you.


One hour session / From 75kr


A great combination of Pilates and yoga exercises to increase strength, balance and flexibility throughout the whole body. All exercises are preformed with the added support or instability of the Fitball.





Pregnancy Yoga

One hour session / From 75kr


This is a class for all mums-to-be. There will be gentle variations on traditional yoga postures that can specifically benefit the needs of pregnant women. Make the most out of your pregnancy and give your baby the best start from day one.

Slow Flow/Basics in Flow

One hour session / From 75Kr


This class is for those who are new to yoga/flow yoga. We move though basic vinyasas (postures linked together with breath) and build a base of balance, strength, flexibility, and awareness. Focus is on a slow, safe movement forward. Options for different levels are given and the class is tailored to the participant’s level. All levels are welcome


Mums & Babies Yoga

One hour session / From 75kr


New mums come back into their bodies with gentle strength building, stretching, and have bonding time with their little one. Beneficial for both, baby and mum. From 6 weeks to 1 year olds are welcome.


One hour and 30 minute session

/ From 75kr


Hot Flow yoga is a dynamic, active style yoga, but always starts with a deep, slow warm up and a complete relaxation at the end of class. The experience can be compared to a moving meditation, which is also a complete body workout. You will leave feeling challenged, balanced, relaxed and energized. This class is perfect for those with some yoga experience or who have a base level of physical condition. If in doubt, come and try it out. All classes are tailored to the level of participants present.


Hot Flow


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Please note: Hatha Yoga & Pilates has a 24 hr cancellation policy. Any cancellations after this time may be subject to full fees. Any cancellation prior to this time will not be charged.